What reviewers have said

"How can a field naturalist and entomologist of fig wasps instantly become a genomics cloner of metabolomics? With much difficulty this reviewer imagines...the PI will be simply blowing smoke rings in the dark. Embarking on this experimental plan is far more ambitious than slinging on a backpack for another six-month hike or field trip."

"I agreed to review this paper even though I had many other reviews to do, because the title looked exceptionally interesting...I really wanted to like this paper. However, after prolonged puzzling over the present manuscript, I conclude with dissappointment that it is not good...What I guess I am most irritated about is the exceptional level of sloppy language and reasoning, including blatant logical inconsistencies, in a manuscript that was presumably scrutinzed by four authors. I'm pretty sure that I worked harder than they did at trying to understand this paper"

"The paper is a hell of a lot more interesting than the title suggested"

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