Marijuana DNA Testing Services

There are essentially three kinds of forensic evidence to be obtained from the marijuana plant and its derivatives: (1) quantification of drug potency, (2) inference of growth conditions or geographic sources from elemental isotopes, and (3) genetic identity from DNA evidence. Comparing DNA fingerprints among separate pieces of marijuana evidence may be useful in cases of conspiracy particularly where the seedless propagation of marijuana (‘cloning’) results in a genetically uniform crop.

Our laboratory is registered with the US Drug Enforcement Administration to perform analytical testing of Cannabis DNA.  Such analyses are admissible in American courts of law and find application in drug enforcement, criminal investigation, prosecution and defense. One hundred milligrams per sample is sufficient for analysis. Cannabis held in evidence by state or federal law enforcement agencies is eligible for testing. We apply the exact method used in human DNA fingerprinting, using DEA-approved procedures for handling controlled substances. We provide independent, unbiased forensic analysis according to the highest standards of laboratory practice.

Testing services for clients are detailed in University of Minnesota service agreements available upon request. Expert testimony is available as a separate consulting activity.

Please direct inquires to George D. Weiblen, PhD Tel: 612-624-3461 (

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