Under the Fig Leaf:

Tropical Rainforest Research at the Bell Museum

A view from above. There are 50 different fig species on display at the Bell Museum.

Visitors to the fig exhibit experience the rainforest canopy from two aerial walkways.

Interpretive displays describe what's so special about the pollination of figs.

Benches provide a place to learn about rainforest research at the University of Minnesota.

Curator of Plants, Dr. George Weiblen, uses climbing equipment to replace a light bulb.

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A checklist of Ficus species on display at the Bell Museum

Ficus adenosperma Miq.

Ficus auriculata Lour.

Ficus benjamina L.

Ficus botyrocarpa Miq.

Ficus carica L.

Ficus chapaensis Gagnep.

Ficus congesta Roxb.

Ficus conocephalifolia Ridley

Ficus copiosa Steud.

Ficus cordata Thunb.

Ficus cordata ssp. lecardii (Warb.) C.C. Berg

Ficus cordata ssp. salicifolia (Vahl) C.C.Berg

Ficus coronata Spin.

Ficus crocata (Miq.) Miq.

Ficus dammaropsis Diels

Ficus deltoidea Jack

Ficus elastica Roxb.

Ficus formosana Maxim.

Ficus grossularioides Burm f.

Ficus hispida L.

Ficus hispidioides S. Moore

Ficus insipida Willd.

Ficus kerkovenii Koord. et Valet.

Ficus lyrata Warburg

Ficus maclellandi King

Ficus macrophylla Persoon

Ficus maxima Miller

Ficus microcarpa L. hillii (F. M. Bailley) Corner

Ficus monckii Hassler

Ficus montana Brm f.

Ficus nasuta Summerh.

Ficus natalensis ssp. leprieurii (Miq.) C.C. Berg

Ficus nodosa Teysm. et Binn.

Ficus obtusifolia Kunth

Ficus phaeosyce Laut. et K. Schum.

Ficus preussii Warb.

Ficus pseudopalmata Blanco

Ficus pumila L.

Ficus pungens Roxb.

Ficus racemosa L.

Ficus religiosa L.

Ficus rumphii Bl.

Ficus sagittata Vahl. (syn. radicans)

Ficus septica Burm f.

Ficus sundaica Bl.

Ficus superba Miq.

Ficus sur Forssk.

Ficus thonningii Bl.

Ficus tricopoda Baker

Ficus trigonata

Ficus variegata Bl.

Ficus virens Alt.